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Donald Trump for President??? Is this the best the republicans have??

Alan Shigyo

04 Feb, 2016

Looks like Donald Trump is the front runner for the republican candidacy...Today Mitt Romney called out Trump and said he would be a terrible president and has no economic plan...In retaliation Trump said he was a bad candidate and that's why he lost and we should not listen to him. Mr Trump just wants attention and that's why he was on TV. He has put Atlantic City on it's behind, lost investors lots of cash. At one time he was so powerful anything he said made the stock market go up or down..but since then it's only be the Appentice Tv Show for him and he power has gone down hill...but now it's the race for the white house and he can get all his power and attention back. I think he knows he can't win, that's why stupid things keep coming out of this mouth. President should have class, and say intelligent things, not swear and not throw mud on others. I guess the republicans know they can't beat madam Clinton anyway so not Trump has turned this into the next big TV show for himself at the cost of all his backers, who ever they are???